Jennifer Lawrence And Liam Hemsworth Alleged Relationship: Will Fans Finally See Katniss, Gale Together?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence And Liam Hemsworth Alleged Relationship: Will Fans Finally See Katniss, Gale Together?
Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence Alleged Relationship: Will Fans Finally See Katniss and Gale Be Together? Past Rumors Made Them Closer

“Hunger Games” stars Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence are speculated to be in a relationship and fans can’t wait to see if they would really end up with each other. Supporters of Katniss-Gale would definitely like to see their heroes falling in love.

According to Youth Health Magazine, the dating speculations began way long before the filming of the last installment of the movie version of the popular Suzanne Collins trilogy novels. They can really be together now since Lawrence has no more strings attached to former boyfriend Chris Martin. The article cited Realty Today, which stated that she called it quits with her shaky relationship to him and is now ready to move on with Hemsworth.

In addition, the same article mentioned that a source claimed to Heat Magazine that there is really something special with them saying “Liam and Jen have always been close – there’s a real bond between them and they turn to each other when they have problems.” The source also added that both her family and friends wants her to let go Martin and feel Hemsworth as a “better match.”


Apparently, their chemistry off-screen sparked, thanks to the issues surrounding her. They bonded for the last few years while filming “Hunger Games.” They became the center of the dating rumors way back in 2014. It was like a blessing in disguise for she found a confident in him as she handled the issues. In the report from OK! Magazine, as cited by, an insider revealed that she was calling him most of the time, particularly at night.

“It happened while they were in Germany, promoting the movie, having a heart-to-heart in Liam’s hotel room. Jennifer was overwhelmed by all the publicity surrounding her [first] split from Chris Martin and her nude photo scandal, and he was more than happy to listen to her vent,” the insider narrated.

Will Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth become “tributes” in the battlefield of love and conquer all the odds soon? What do you think? Share your views in the comments below.

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