Jennifer Lawrence is Ready for “Joy”

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence is Ready for “Joy”
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Jennifer Lawrence, while promoting her latest film, the biopic  “Joy”,  revealed how how she was able to become successful in a short span of time. During an Times Talk moderator Maureen Dowd,  “The Hunger Games” actress talked about her journey both as an actress, and in her own personal life.


According to Vanity Fair, the twenty-five year old Lawrence cleared the air regarding a recent comment in which she stated that she doesn’t feel sad or upset that she is usually alone. She then further noted that she does not regret  not being in a relationship, as of the moment.

Lawrence is currently playing the lead role of Joy Mangano,  a divorcee who took care of her three kids while going through a family crisis. According to Observer Voice, she then went on to create her own business empire after creating the miracle mop.  The film , entitled “Joy, is directed by “American Hustle” director David O. Russell.

The fifty-seven  year old Russell mentioned that the film explores the kind of joy that one finds at a later stage in life. He also stated that he believes that in film, and in life, beauty cannot exist without ugliness. He then went on to say that he believed that Lawrence was the best  actor to play the role of an “urban gangster” like Mangano as he believes that  Lawrence’s evolution into a successful actress is very similar to Mangano’s own evolution. A plus to have Lawrence in the film is the fact that she draws in a lot of dollars in the box office.

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“Joy” is the third project that Russell and Lawrence have worked together on,  and is certainly  not the last one. They both share great rapport and understanding while working together on the set.

“Joy” is slated to be released on December 25, 2015 by 20th Century Fox.

Watch out for this wonderful performance by Jennifer Lawrence.

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