Jennifer Lawrence reveals the reason why she won’t ever spend Christmas in Hollywood

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lawrence reveals the reason why she won’t ever spend Christmas in Hollywood
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Jennifer Lawrence, the “X-Men: Days of Future Past”” actress is very excited to be back with her family in Kentucky this Christmas Season. The “Hunger Games” actress reveals that she can’t even think of spending Christmas in Los Angeles. So, why is she peculiar about spending Christmas in Kentucky? With whom does she want to spent time during this festive season, leaving behind the Hollywood parties and glam?

It’s none other than Lawrence’s family. The Oscar winner believes in tradition and is very much a down to earth person. Even though the 25 year old actress resides in Los Angeles, she still prefers to watch her father dress as Santa Claus every year. According to Mirror, the Hollywood actress, along with her whole family participates in the festive ritual every year, with utmost compassion and devotion. But is that the only reason she travels all the way back to Kentucky? Who is that special person in her life, with whom she loves to spend some quality time during the Holly season?


Lawrence loves to spend time with babies, especially her nephews. She explained: “I have a couple of nephews now and Christmas is so much more fun when there are babies around.” She just sounds excited when she recalls all the wonderful times, she had with her nephews. Lawrence’s eldest nephew is just four years and she says it’s so much fun to have him around. Sounds little childish! But it’s just perfect until you fall in love with someone special, Isn’t it?

At the moment, Jennifer Lawrence is all excited about the special dish, which she used to prepare with her mother for every Christmas dinner. It’s an amazingly baked dish of mashed potato, in which she used to put hot pepper with a thick layer of cheese inside, to make it a little spicy. Can we expect such a silly thing from a Hollywood Star? Well, that’s what makes her special! But, that simply looks amazing.


Photo Source : Jennifer Lawrence|Face book

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