Jennifer Lawrence In A Steamy Love Making Scene With Chris Patt In ‘Passenger’

By Neha Bakshi | 1 year ago
Jennifer Lawrence In A Steamy Love Making Scene With Chris Patt In ‘Passenger’
Jennifer Lawrence

The upcoming sci-fi romance “Passenger” will feature a hot sizzling love making between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The alleged sex-scene is the said to be extremely hot and is directed by Morten Tyldum. Lawrence recently revealed on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” that she didn’t wanted to look like a predator.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Lawrence did know what to do and could not decide going how far will be enough for the scene. She further mentioned that she did not wanted to be aggressive and look like a predator.

“The Hunger Games” actress noted that she never discussed the scene with her “Passenger” co-star Pratt before filming it. The “Joy” star said she didn’t know what to talk about it or how to do it. It is allegedly said that Lawrence always have lots of alcohol before filming and it’s a kind of pre-filming ritual for her.

This is the first ever sex scene she has shot and she was extremely vulnerable. She is playing the role of Aurora opposite Pratt who is in the role of Jim Preston as stated by Elle Magazine.

“Passenger” is slated to release next year in December. Fans have to wait to watch the hot chemistry between Lawrence and handsome lovable Pratt. Indeed, it will be worth waiting as said by the sources.


Jennifer Lawrence rose to fame with her Katniss Everdeen role in “The Hunger Games” series, which made her the highest grossing actress in the action genre this year. She is one also said to be the frontrunner in the Oscar contenders and is a recipient of Academy Award for David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook”

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