Jennifer Lawrence: Why She Skipped the Golden Globes 2015

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago

Jennifer Lawrence was noticeably absent from the Golden Globes, which made fans question as to why and where “The Hunger Games” star was during that time. Read on for more details.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most coveted stars of this generation. J.Law was recently hailed as Forbes’ Highest Grossing Actor of 2014 and was the leader in People’s Choice Awards. It’s no wonder how “The Hunger Games” star dominated the charts in 2014, with her charisma and undeniable wit. So why was Lawrence absent from the Golden Globes?

According to BostInno, Lawrence did not make an appearance at the Golden Globes this 2015 because she was out dining at Bricco in Boston. Bricco’s PR rep, Nicole Maffeo Russo tweeted: “So, apparently Jennifer Lawrence isn’t at the #GoldenGlobes. She is actually in Boston and just dined at @BriccoNorthEnd.”

As a matter of fact, Lawrence reportedly ordered the “branzino” and downed the entire fish, including the head and tail. Lawrence was reportedly dining at the Italian restaurant together with “Hustle” director David O. Russell and other friends. According to the outlet’s sources, J.Law and her friends were “down to earth and nice to the staff.” The star and her group of friends took the restaurant’s second floor to themselves and had two security guards around them.

Well, we all know that people loved Lawrence for being outspoken yet humble. People also grew to love her because she’s not like other Hollywood stars out there who skip meals, and as we see from her little trip to Boston, she devoured an entire fish all to herself.

So why did J.Law skip the Golden Globes for a dinner with friends in Boston? No, she did not skip the Golden Globes this year because of her shocking Dior Haute Couture dress, which she donned in the Golden Globes in 2014. Lawrence is reportedly in Boston to shoot her second movie with David O. Russell titled, “Joy,” which is set to start filming in February. J. Law definitely had a good reason for skipping the Golden Globes. After all, we all know J. Law loves food more than anything else, right?

There you have it for the scoop on Jennifer Lawrence skipping the Golden Globes 2015. Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Mingle MediaTV


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