Jennifer Lopez and Anthony Mackie Playing Catchphrase [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
Jennifer Lopez and Anthony Mackie Playing Catchphrase [WATCH VIDEO]
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“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” invites stars and play a game known as “catchphrase.” If you have been watching this show, then you must be familiar with this fantastic game. This game is about conveying your partner through gestures and words that would help him or her guess the correct phrase or clues. Then your partner has to guess the phrase quickly because there is a buzzer.

As the buzzer beeps, it’s the other team’s turn to guess. The team which is unable to guess the phrase before the buzzer stops loses the game. Both teams have three chances; out of which if they win any two chances, then they win the game. In the recent episode of  “The Tonight Show,” the guests were Jennifer Lopez and Anthony Mackie. Lopez teams up with host Jimmy Fallon, while Mackie  teams up with Steve Higgins.

In the video below, you can watch how intense the game can be. Sometimes it just so happen that you can’t find the exact words to give hints to your partner. You might think of the most bizarre words in a peculiar way. The expressions or reactions are very funny to look at. They were all pretty good at this game.

In the end, Mackie and Higgins won as they manage to win two sets of the game, the second and the last one. It was really amusing to watch Lopez’s physical gestures.

Watch the video below:

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There you have it with Jennifer Lopez and Anthony Mackie playing “Catchphrase” at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Megan Hernandez



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