Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro Star in What to Expect When You’re Expecting

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Four years ago, Jennifer Lopez was pregnant with twins Emme and Max while on tour with her then-husband Marc Anthony. She sang at night and read What to Expect When You’re Expecting during the day. Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro

On Friday, the movie adaptation of the book will make its way to theaters. Jennifer Lopez said that What to Expect When You’re Expecting was a bible for her when she was pregnant. She talked about the book and the movie with her on-screen husband Rodrigo Santoro.

Jennifer Lopez turned the pages of the book every day, just like most of first-time moms. Rodrigo Santoro said that the book is ubiquitous and relevant even for men. He said that his sister had a copy of the book and he took a look at it because he was curious.

Lopez and Santoro play Holly and Alex, a couple who try to conceive later in life and when they had trouble, they decided to just adopt a child from Ethiopia. They are just one of the many make-believe couples in the movie.

Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison play reality show personalities Jules and Evan. Their relationship takes an unexpected turn. Elizabeth Banks plays Wendy, an obsessive expectant mother who has a shop dedicated to nursing. Brooklyn Decker stars as Skyler, a trophy wife who paints peace sign on her tummy. Then there’s Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford as Rosie and Marco. They are two dueling food truck chefs who had a one night affair that starts their unplanned journey to parenthood.

Director Kirk Jones had a hard time looking for an actor to play the husband of Jennifer Lopez in the movie. He is lucky that Lopez and Santoro had instant chemistry that looks natural. Lopez said that she identified with her character Holly because of the fear of missing out.

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