Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down On Stage

By admin | 7 years ago

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Over Love Life

Jennifer Lopez is known for her amazing acting ability, beauty, and music career. One thing that people have forgotten about during the last seven years are her previous whirlwind relationships, often with other performers.

The singer, who recently split from husband Marc Anthony, broke down on stage shortly after beginning to perform her song “Until It Beats No More.” J-Lo told audience members before starting the performance that the song was the last song that she had written about love and relationships.

J-Lo’s first former husband had attempted to profit from emotionally intimate video recordings of the singer. After their divorce, she dated a number of men including P. Diddy and Ben Affleck. Engaged to Affleck, she broke off their relationship and eventually married fellow music performer Marc Anthony instead.

Lopez broke down at the end of her performance in tears, telling audience members that she had just “taken a walk down memory lane” before flashing a picture of her two young children.


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