Jennifer Lopez Finds A New Fan In Jessica Alba

By Ancy John | 2 years ago
Jennifer Lopez Finds A New Fan In Jessica Alba
Jennifer Lopez praised by Jessica Alba

Jennifer Lopez has a charming personality and an inspiring one too. So it is not surprising when one hears co-stars or fellow celebrities heaping praises on her. JLo’s fan base continues to increase and her popularity continues to rocket high. There is an interesting addition to her fan base- it is none other than “Fantastic Four” actress Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba recently took to social media to express her love for “Aint Your Mama” singer JLo. She posted a picture alongside Jennifer Lopez with a caption “My #wcw” (Woman Crush Wednesday), reported Mail Online. It is clear that Jessica is definitely a big fan of Lopez.

This is not the first time that Jessica has complimented Lopez. In an interview earlier, she mentioned that she looked up to Jennifer Lopez. She credits her for breaking through barriers and calls her a ‘powerhouse’.

Jennifer Lopez has definitely paved the way for Latinas to be mainstream in the United States of America. She has been juggling a lot of roles off late. A mother of two, Lopez is busy promoting her music, and more recently she has been heavily involved in NBC’s drama “Shades of Blue”. She is not only the lead protagonist in the drama series but is also an executive producer for the same. The 46-year-old stunning singer and actor is also reportedly dating Casper Smart (28 years).

The “Shades of Blue” actress also faced some flak from her former boyfriend Ben Affleck. Affleck in an interview with Bill Simmons indirectly blamed Lopez for his career lows. He said, “I had broken up with Jennifer Lopez, and I had like three or four movies in a row that had bombed.”

Jennifer Lopez has fewer reasons to worry about as she has a great reputation in the industry and loved by her co-stars and colleagues. In an interview, Matthew McConaughey was asked to describe Jennifer Lopez and he called her a “quad-threat” without failing to mention that she is a hard worker and wonderfully kind, reported People. He also playfully mentioned that Jennifer Lopez can never give a bad shot- that she knows where the camera is and she nails it.

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba is busy promoting her billion-dollar cosmetic company ‘Honest’. The hugely successful venture run by the Jennifer Lopez’s fan has 700 stores in Canada


Photo Source: Facebook/Jennifer Lopez

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