Jennifer Lopez Played ‘Never Have I Ever’ and Admits to Have Had Sex on a Plane [Watch Video]

By Deneb Batucan | 3 years ago
Jennifer Lopez Played ‘Never Have I Ever’ and Admits to Have Had Sex on a Plane [Watch Video]

Jennifer Lopez admitted to some naughty things when she visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show and played the “Never Have I Ever” game with Ellen! Read on to find out more.

The sultry Jennifer Lopez was cagey at first, but she gave in and played a very revealing game of “Never Have I Ever” with DeGeneres. Although DeGeneres asked her some pretty scandalous questions, Lopez was a real trooper and just laughingly admitted some of her sexy secrets.

Lopez admitted to being an exclusive member of the Mile High Club — a slang term used to guys and girls who have had sexual intercourse aboard a flying aircraft. Before admitting anything, Lopez clarified the question, and within fits of laughter, she reluctantly raised her “I Have” board. DeGeneres also admitted to have done the same thing.

Not only did Lopez confess on having sex on a plane, the American Idol judge raised her “I Have” board to another luscious secret: she divulged that while her kids were sleeping, she had snuck in a guy into her home for some good time! “That’s awful! You have to do it while they’re asleep,” the Latina star said after she stopped laughing.

She also revealed to have read her significant other’s text saying, “Who hasn’t?” while addressing the Ellen Show audience. The crowd cheered in agreement.

Lopez, however, admitted to have never wanted to go to a nude beach, saying that “it wouldn’t be pretty.” She said she didn’t even want to see herself nude on a beach to which DeGeneres replied, “Well, some people want to see you naked on a beach.” Lopez exploded with laughter.

Who knew the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez did some pretty scandalous things on her down time! Watch the hilarious video to know more about her sultry secrets.

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Video source: YouTube/TheEllenShow

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