Jennifer Lopez: A Rihanna Album Collaboration Can Happen!

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago

These days, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have been closely working together to promote the animated movie “Home” from Dreamworks. But during the press rounds, these powerhouse performers hint that a possible album collaboration could happen between them.

In the latest Dreamworks animation “Home,” Jennifer does the voice for Lucy, whose daughter Tip is voiced by Rihanna. Their harmonious working relationship on this film has apparently also translated in real life as the two sang praises for each other.

In an interview with E! News, Jennifer remarked that she is a “huge Rihanna fan” and gets how RiRi is such a girl’s girl, as she sees herself to be quite like her in that aspect. When asked if the superstar and “American Idol” judge would like work with Rihanna for an album in the future, Jennifer gushed and said that she would absolutely love to do this.

“Who wouldn’t?!” Can you imagine what that would sound like? Can we wish that into existence?” she excitedly said in the E! interview.

While Rihanna has yet to chime in about a possible music collaboration, the young R & B princess did have plenty of nice things to say about her on-screen mom.

In an interview with Grazia Magazine as published on MSN, Rihanna said that she feels the warmness and safeness in Jennifer’s voice as if she was hugging her. Perhaps that’s Jennifer’s skills as a real-life mother to her twins coming out.

‘I love her. She is great. Doesn’t everybody want JLo to be their mom?” said Rihanna in the interview.

Meantime, as the two recently hit the red carpet for the special screening of “Home” in Los Angeles, they were joined by Jim Parsons, the star of “The Big Bang Theory,” who plays the alien who befriends Tip (Rihanna) in the movie.

Jennifer Lopez notes that the movie was such an emotional ride for her, as she had to voice a mother who was losing her daughter. She called the whole process intense and there were plenty of crying and screaming.

“Home” will be released in theaters this coming Friday, March 27. Steve Martin is also part of the cast.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Rihanna

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