Jeremy Irvine All In Support of ‘Stonewall’ Movies’ Storyline

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Jeremy Irvine All In Support of ‘Stonewall’ Movies’ Storyline

The “Now Is Good” fame Jeremy Irvine is in news for standing in support of minorities’ depiction in his movie, “Stonewall,” which was premiered recently at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Read for more details.

The movie is based on the clash of gay community with homophobic police officers, which took place in 1969 in New York, and paved way for the rising of gay rights movement. After the release of the movie’s trailer, accusations were being made by the critics using words like “under-representation” and “whitewashing.”

The trailer received criticism for highlighting white gay instead of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, the Latino and black transgender, respectively. It was also said that representation of a white gay instead of Black has actually weaken the intensity of that movement.

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The actor spoke about the entire issue at TIFF and made one thing clear that they tried to bring awareness among people through this movie. “I think anything that helps bring awareness is only a good thing. With this movie and with all the press, I’ve been hearing the name Marsha P. Johnson so much, and Silvia Rivera, which you wouldn’t be hearing so much. That is only a good thing and I’m really looking forward to all the people who had concerns about the movie seeing it and realising that we do represent them and Marsha P. Johnson is a part of it,” the actor stated.

“To anyone with concerns about the diversity of the #StonewallMovie, I saw the movie for the 1st time last week and can assure you all that it represents almost every race and division of society that was so fundamental to one of the most noteworthy civil rights movements in living history,” the actor mentioned on his Instagram page in order to make things more clear.

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Well, the movie is really going to face tough looks at the box office, not for the star cast or direction but on the matter of the entire issue’s portrayal. But, we will wish the entire team all the very best and hope that the movie will portray the entire issue better than what is shown in the trailer. “Stonewall” is slated for release on September 25.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Jeremy Irvine

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