Jeremy Renner’s Friend Discloses Shocking Details of Renner’s Wife Sonni Pacheco; Pacheco Speaks Up

By Smitha Nambiar | 3 years ago
Jeremy Renner’s Friend Discloses Shocking Details of Renner’s Wife Sonni Pacheco; Pacheco Speaks Up
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi, Sydney, Australia/Jan. 29, 2013 | Jeremy Renner at the Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 3D movie premiere; Sydney, Australia. Jan. 29, 2013.

Jeremy Runner’s wife, 26-year-old Canadian model Sonni Pacheco, whom he has been married for only ten months, has filed for divorce citing irrevocable differences. Meanwhile Runner’s good friend and roommate Kristoffer Winters has come up with shocking revelation about Pacheco, which can turn the case in Runner’s favor.

Jeremy Renner, 44, is undoubtedly enjoying the success of his film “The Avengers”, wherein he reprises the role of Hawkeye. However, all is not well on the personal front for Renner. His wife Sonni Pacheco, in her divorce papers, claimed that Renner is unfit to be a parent as he does not give enough time to their 22-month-old daughter, Ava Berlin. She further said that his house is not safe enough for a child.

Unhappy with the allegation against his good friend, Kristoffer Winters accused Pacheco of being a negligent parent. He said that Pacheco smoked and drank during and after pregnancy as well. People magazine quoted Winters as saying that Pacheco use to drink “about a bottle of wine per day,” even after Ava was born, and stopped at six weeks as she felt very guilty for doing so.

Winter did not stop here, and went on to say that he doubted that her only intention of marrying Renner was to gain U.S. citizenship. Pacheco apparently threatened her husband of releasing few of his very embarrassing videos to TMZ if he did not help her with the process of acquiring green card.

According to New magazine, apart from all this, Renner, in a new legal document, sought joint custody of Ava since Pacheco, he claimed is not responsible enough to care for the child.

Pacheco, in turn, refuted the allegations made by Jeremy Renner. She said that she never left her one-year-old kid at home, and never smoked or drank while she was pregnant. She further defended herself by saying that she stopped breast feeding only because the food that she was consuming was making Ava gassy.

The only two things that Pacheco did not take a stand on was Renner’s allegation of her marrying him to acquire green card and his extortion claims.

Apart from the custody of their two-year-old toddler, Sonni Pacheco has also demanded more than £8,125 per month in child support.

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