Jeremy Stephens Gets Back At Conor McGregor; Insulting Shots Fired!

By Edson Kyle Encina | 2 years ago
Jeremy Stephens Gets Back At Conor McGregor; Insulting Shots Fired!
Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens responds to Conor McGregor by firing back with a trash talk of his own!

It doesn’t look like Jeremy Stephens is backing down on UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor’s trash talking. According to Bloody Elbow, the UFC veteran spoke out on FOX Sports PROcast to give his thoughts about the altercation.

Stephens wanted to meet with The Notorious backstage so they could follow up their heated exchange. But according to him, McGregor did not want to take part in any of it. Stephens explained that the Featherweight Champion locked himself in a little room. In addition to this, he continued that the latter talks a “big fictional character” but did not want to back it up.

Stephens added by calling McGregor a “little leprechaun” and a “fire crotch.”  He hopes that he could fight the “little ginger crackhead.”

The whole fight started when a media personnel asked McGregor about who he thinks would be the hardest match-up for him. And Stephens quickly interrupted the question by saying that he’s the hardest fight for McGregor.

McGregor quickly laughed at Stephens’ response. He then brushed him off by saying “Who the F—k is that guy?” Then, there were verbal fireworks that sparked as the two of them went into a heated exchange.

It is unclear if Jeremy Stephens will ever face Conor McGregor inside the octagon. For now, the 30-year-old Stephens will have to shift his focus to his upcoming fight with former champ Frankie Edgar on November 12.

Who knows, maybe if Jeremy Stephens wins he just might get his wish and fight the Featherweight champion next. Either way, he still gets to be a part of UFC 205, one of the biggest cards in UFC history. And it’s historical as well since this is going to be the first UFC event in New York, since MMA was banned in the city nearly 20 years ago.

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