Jerrad And Machel Green Announces Pregnancy With Britney Spears – Inspired Video

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Jerrad And Machel Green Announces Pregnancy With Britney Spears – Inspired Video
Jerrad and Machel Green

The cute couple Jerrad and Machel Green announces their second pregnancy in a unique way with a Britney Spears – inspired video montage. Read for more details.

US Weekly reported that the couple, who already have a 3-year-old son named Noah, decided to announce their second pregnancy in an exclusive manner. The couple created a remarkable and impressive video clip featuring Britney Spears –inspired montage. In this video, you would watch the to-be-mom Machel “singing her way through a string of Britney hits.”

“Oops!…I Did it Again,” and “I took the test, and it’s positive!” sings Machel in this amazing video. She portrays some classic Britney Spears’ looks with red latex jumpsuit and flattened-down blonde hair, as she sings about her happy pregnancy news.

“Craziness I tell ya! Thank you all for sharing in our excitement!” the highly excited couple wrote on their Facebook page of their company, Vintage Marquee Lights. It was when their pregnancy announcement video went viral throughout the internet. The happy couple also added that they are very delighted and are eager to meet their little sweet kid in November.

Hollywood Life reported that the video focuses on the first five months of Machel’s pregnancy. It also featured the “initial pregnancy testing on a stick, the extremely tiring morning sickness, hiding the bump from friends during a trip, the photo announcement and shopping for baby essentials.”

The source also revealed that Machel rocks throughout the video using Spears’ signature dance moves, even with her prominent baby bump. Jarred also appears in a few scenes, and he looks stunning particularly when he shares the happy news about the gender of their baby, which is a girl. The sweet couple has also introduced their cute son Noah in few scenes of the video.

This amazing five-minute video featuring Jerrad and Machel Green’s Britney Spears-themed pregnancy announcement goes viral over the internet.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Jerrad and Machel Green

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