Jerry Lewis Slams American Idol

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Jerry Lewis Is Not A Fan of Reality TV

On Friday at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, 85-year old comedian Jerry Lewis revealed that he is not a fan of American Idol contestants or reality TV shows. For about 30 minutes, Lewis ranted about his distain for the current state for American television.

Lewis called the American Idol contestants “McDonald’s wipeouts” and went on to say that the television industry has lost its soul and has destroyed itself. Lewis also said the programming on television today is not what it used to be and explained how back in his day people would flock to their televisions on a weekly basis to watch TV greats like Milton Berle.

Jerry Lewis is not a fan of mobile devices either. He does not like the idea of people watching classic movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia” on their cell phones. He finds that concept ridiculous.

For decades, Jerry Lewis has been the host of the long-running “Jerry Lewis Telethon” and says the rumors that he is quitting the telethon are untrue. He will make an announcement on September 5th about his future with the telethon.

This fall Jerry Lewis will star in a documentary called “Method to The Madness of Jerry Lewis” which will air on Encore.

Jerry Lewis Slams American Idol
Jerry Lewis Slams American Idol

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