Jersey Shore Italy Season Premiere Recap

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New Season Of Jersey Shore Debuts

“Jersey Shore” has begun its fourth season with the cast leaving the shores of the United States in order to explore the country of Italy.

The very popular and much-maligned show opened with some considerable fireworks. Perhaps the most interesting revelation was the fact that “The Situation” admitted to Ronnie that he slept with Snooki several months back. Even more shocking, Mike hinted that his feelings for her may be more than just platonic. This will undoubtedly lead to some interesting situations in the future, given the fact that Snooki is currently dating another person.

However, that was not the only intriguing development on the show. Deena, still trying to find her way as the new cast member on the show, made a move on Pauly D, telling him to kiss her. Of course, he obliged, leading to a short make out session on the floor of a dance club.

Given the past histories of the cast members and their new location, viewers can probably expect a lot of this going on throughout the season. It seems as if everyone has an angle in order to make this trip a rousing success, sexually speaking. The person who make this most abundantly clear was Pauly D, who said that he was planning a “international panty raid.”

Jersey Shore Italy Season Premiere Recap
Jersey Shore Italy Season Premiere Recap

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