Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Sued By A Consumer For Not Being Honest With Their Products

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Sued By A Consumer For Not Being Honest With Their Products

This is the first time we are hearing about it. Jessica Alba who started “The Honest Company” is facing a slight inconvenience at the moment. A consumer is suing The Honest Company for being dishonest with their products.

According to US Magazine, the company is being sued of being deceptive about the products that it offers. It should be noted that the reason why the actress opened the company at the first place because she was herself disappointed with the lack of availability of quality products for babies and children when she herself was expecting her first child. One consumer Jonathan D. Rubin has claimed that the products are being deceptively promoted and instead of containing natural items, actually contain synthetic ones. The company’s products like hand soap, diapers and multi surface cleaners are currently being used by other moms in Hollywood like Blake Lively and Jaime King.

Jessica Alba has given an extensive justification about the lawsuit. She first of all has called the lawsuit a baseless one and mentioned that every product they release goes through strict specifications and extensive tests. The products are made in a way that it would not harm either children or adults. She also added that they continue to support their products and believe that consumers have every right to know what’s in their product, the company has certain amount of responsibility towards them.

Just Jared added that the “Fantastic Four” actress also mentioned that even before starting the company, she was lobbying Congress to require that ingredients used in everyday products should be tested properly before making it to the market and accessible to consumers. The media outlet added that back in 2011 consumers also questioned the quality of a sunscreen lotion by the company claiming that the product was ineffective. The company at the time also had issued a lengthy statement about the same. It can’t be said for sure whether the allegations are true or is it just a publicity gimmick. But it can be believed that both the sides will have sufficient evidence to support their claims.

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