Jessica Biel Helps Lance Bass Plan His Wedding

By admin | 4 years ago

After the most recent Chris Kirkpatrick’s wedding on Nov. 4, it’s now another N’Sync member who is currently preparing for his own nuptials. Yes! you’ve guessed it right, Lance Bass is set to marry his boyfriend, Michael Turchin.

Bass had proposed to Michael Turchin in September 2013, and now just a couple of days ago at the LA Gay & Lesbian Centre 42nd Anniversary Vanguard Awards Gala, Bass told US Weekly the surprising source of his wedding advice.

“I’m so glad I went to Chris’ wedding because I forgot about some of my old management company people. And then we were sitting there talking to Jessie Biel, too, and she gave us a lot of great pointers. And she had some really great ideas.”

It seems like Jessica Biel is ready to take on a new role as Lance Bass’ wedding planner! Of course, she can. Don’t you know she is the wife of Bass’ friend and former N’Sync member, Justin Timberlake? And you shouldn’t forget her her pink wedding dress last year!

The boy band-er continued and said:

“One really cool idea she had was that, on the invites — because we love our onesies — send out personalized onesies to all our guests so that at midnight after the reception it turns into a pajama party. How fun would that be? I think we might be doing that one. That was something we both loved.”

And when asked about the actual day of this blissful nuptials, Bass said:

“We’ve slowly but surely started planning it. It’ll be a year from now. But it’s a lot. It sure is a lot.”

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