Jessica Biel plays with the idea of opening up a restaurant for kids

By admin | 4 years ago

Jessica Biel has been talking about opening up a restaurant for kids. She claims that the eatery will be a place where A-Listers can take their kids with a sense of comfort and take part in numerous activities like cooking.

A report published from the New York Post which is on page six alleges Jessica Biel is breaking ground on a new kids restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., claiming the erstwhile 7th Heaven star is busy working on an eatery which has been dubbed a “Soho House for kids,” a source tells E! News that’s not really the case.

Jessica Biel
The chosen name for the restaurant is ‘Au Fudge’(a bit too much don’t you think?). However, according to reports, the opening of the ‘Soho for kids’ won’t be happening anytime soon as the reports claim that Justin Timberlake’s missus only talked about opening up the restaurant with her friend and business associate, Estee Stanley.

The planned Restaurant won’t merely be a play for the elite but will be a kid friendly place where they can have fun and enjoy themselves playing around and joining in on different activities.

So currently if you’re looking to take your kids to a nice place to eat and enjoy then you can cross Au Fudge off of your list cuz it won’t be happening any time soon.

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