Jessica Jones 101: 5 fast facts to know about the Marvel superhero before her Netflix debut

By Karen May Regpala | 2 years ago
Jessica Jones 101: 5 fast facts to know about the Marvel superhero before her Netflix debut
Jessica Jones

While Jessica Jones is not new to Marvel comic book fans, she is relatively an unknown to those who have never read the comic books. Her only foray hitherto into non-written word media is via the PC game “Marvel Heroes.” Now that she is breaking through mainstream media and debuting on Netflix this November 20, what do viewers have to know about the latest superhero to hit the small screen?


If Daredevil was a somber, dark superhero, Jessica Jones will surely be a more fun counterpart. Sure, there will still be dark moments, given her big bad in season one (and maybe even consequent seasons) is mind-controller Kilgrave a.k.a. Purple Man (David Tennant). But Jessica is already promising a more comedic series, if the official trailers are anything to go by.

So before diving into the show, which is dropping all 13 episodes this November 20, here’s a round-up of must-knows about the star of Netflix’s latest collaboration with Marvel Entertainment:

1) She has superhuman strength, endurance, and psychic powers. Of course, the very first thing one wants to know about a new superhero is which superpower s/he possesses. And probably how s/he acquired it. Jessica Jones got her powers via an accident, which also claimed the lives of her parents. As the series is picking up on her adult life and has not teased origins, this part of her life might not make it to the series. But it’s always a “good to know” fact.

2) She wanted to exit the superhero world and establish a life as a private investigator. She opened Alias Investigations, a detective agency that’s meant for “normal cases.” But her previous life keeps drawing her back to superhero-related cases. This part of the superhero’s life will be the main focus of the Netflix show.

3) She is married to Luke Cage. Or at least will be. The trailers have already shown that when the show debuts, she has yet to meet and eventually marry Luke Cage (who is also set to star in his own Netflix show). And boy, do they have the most explosive, uhm, lovemaking. The trailer reveals as much. What the trailer does not reveal is that before Luke Cage, Jessica Jones was linked to a lot of famous Marvel characters, too. She had a crush on Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man and once dated Scott Lang a.k.a. Ant-Man. Her relationship with Luke had been ridden with troubles before they finally settled down after having a daughter named Danielle.

4) She is an alcoholic. This one, at least, is easy to deduce with the teasers and trailers already released. But what was not easily deducible is why she became one. Her history with Kilgrave (which is sure to surface in the show) has made her into one, alcohol becoming her comfort zone and a way to shut off Kilgrave’s voice in her head.

5) She is one of the most foul-mouthed superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Just open her introductory comic book series, “Alias,” and you’ll see just how much she uses the word “fuck.” As Polygon pointed out, Jessica Jones just might be the superhero “who’s said ‘fuck’ the most times.”


So there you have it, five quick facts to know about Jessica Jones before her small screen debut. Excited yet? Binge-watch all 13 episodes of her first season when they drop on Netflix this November 20.

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