Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, New Villains; Melissa Rosenberg Reveals Plot Details!

By Alka Vishnoi | 1 year ago
Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, New Villains; Melissa Rosenberg Reveals Plot Details!
Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, New Villains Added, Melissa Rosenberg Reveals Plot Details

Jessica Jones Season 2 has managed to build up many speculations over its new season. The major reason for this stands as the show sharing connection to two other shows called The Defenders and Luke Cage.

However, the popular marvel series cannot premiere on Netflix before 2018. The release date is likely to happen somewhere in November and December. Amidst all the hype the show envelops in, here comes up some spoilers over what fans should expect to unveil in Jessica Jones Season 2 premiere.

The show will have a new villain since Kilgrave. The character will be essayed by none other than David Tennant. Moreover, the character of Jessica Jones has been assigned to Krysten Ritter. Keeping in mind the star cast, lot of event will unfold in the upcoming season for the viewers.

Similarly, the rumors have come up over veteran actress named Sigourney Weaver. She gets to play the role of a villain in Jessica Jones Season 2.

Talking about the plot of the series, EP Melissa Rosenberg states that she would be able to “further expand on the ensemble”. This is one thing which she was not able to do in the first installment. But now a look at Jessica’s world shows that she has come a long way from where she had begun in the first place.

Additionally, she also adds that Jessica Jones continues as the same character, reports GamenGuide. Notably, she “drink and make mistakes, and accidentally drop people onto train tracks.” Despite all this something has definitely changed in her. The changes explorations goes on to build up a new storyline.

And above all another rival in Jessica Jones Season 2 will be Thursday Rubinstein. Ruby Thursday has been a villain in Hellcat comics.

Moving on to the other villains in Jessica Jones 2, they are Jigsaw as well as Nuke. The Defenders goes on air in 2017 while there is still some more time for Jessica Jones second installment to reach TV screens.

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