Jessica Parido’s Inspiring Battle Against Leukemia

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Jessica Parido’s Inspiring Battle Against Leukemia

As a high school freshman, 14-year-old Jessica was not aware of what was awaiting her in the future. She was unsure about what was making her feel so weak and tired. It was only after her father informed her about the unfortunate disease did Jessica realize what was going on with her. With a single teardrop, she composed herself and her belief of becoming okay started from that day itself.

According to People, she would make her parents believe that she will be okay in no time as she chose not to get frightened by what had fallen upon her. She was strong; her self-belief did not fail her as she immediately moved to seek treatment for her condition. After a couple of suggestions at the Children’s hospital at Yorba Linda, California, bone marrow transplant was chosen as the option for her. Even after the transplant she received from her sister, her immune system started to get real weak and she was transferred to an isolation room where she would spend eight months of her life. Contrary to what isolation could have done to her, she managed to turn the situation in her favor. She became more in touch with herself, focused more on her education so that she could graduate with her friends. In her mean time, she would make arts and crafts for other children. Her positivity rewarded her as one day she was allowed to go home, she would breathe in fresh air after eight months of isolation. She felt nothing but happiness.

Presently she mentioned of becoming a registered nurse after having been inspired by the wonderful people who took care of her. Her intentions are not to take this second chance at life for granted as she got married to Mike Shouhed who stars in “Shahs of Sunset”. With this second shot at life, she’s ready to start a new chapter in her life. A chapter that is filled with happy days ahead.

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Photo source: Facebook/Shahs of Sunset

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