Jessica Simpson Disses Nick Lachey: Lachey Vows Revenge

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Jessica Simpson Disses Nick Lachey: Lachey Vows Revenge
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson called her marriage a big financial mistake. Her ex Nick Lachey took offense at the remark and is now looking to get even with her on that front. Read on.

When Lachey and Simpson got married, Lachey was an established artist and Simpson was a new and upcoming singer. Lachey had made a big debut as a lead singer with the then hit band 98 degrees. But his career fizzled out eventually even as Simpson’s star was on the rise, and that is where the trouble began.

When they got married, Simpson didn’t ask him to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Her father told her that it wasn’t a good idea to ask for a prenup as his son-in-law was better off financially than his daughter. He generally assumed that this will always be the case even in the future and Lachey will always support Simpson financially.

But given a couple of years, the whole scenario changed in favor of Simpson, who became a big star herself even as Lachey’s fortune faded into oblivion. The two broke up eventually and Simpson paid 12 million dollars to Lachey as part of divorce settlement. This soured their relationship even more and now they don’t even keep in touch with each other.

Simpson further annoyed the former boy band member by being open and up front about the whole drama. According to her, her first marriage a really big financial mistake. She had obviously lost a lot of money on it. When Lachey heard of it from the press, he decided to be vindictive towards her. He hasn’t done anything yet, but he has vowed to keep warring against her in public and in private. It looks like the exes are going to get down and dirty with each other after all. Stay tuned for more drama.

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