Jessie J Undergoes Mysterious Operation; ‘The Voice’ Coach Explains Her Absence

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Jessie J Undergoes Mysterious Operation; ‘The Voice’ Coach Explains Her Absence
Jessie J

The 27-year-old British hitmaker singer who sang “Pitch Perfect 2” theme song “Flashlight” and “The Voice Australia” coach Jessie J is in the hospital recovering from a mysterious surgery.

The singer who is still in hospital reassured her fans that she just needed rest since she had an operation yesterday. She added that it has nothing to do with her heart and voice.

In a post shared on her Instagram account, Jessie says she’s doing well but also asked for their “love, prayers and well wishes”.

The post included a video where we can see Jessie noticeably groggy as she gives the thumbs up while laying on her hospital bed.

“I won’t be saying what for so PLEASE don’t keep asking me or harassing my close ones on here or anywhere for information. It’s personal and I know you can respect that.I just wanted to explain to my fans why I may go AWOL for a minute.”

Since the news was posted and gone viral, many articles about Jessie’s health condition was revealed. It says that the songstress has experienced and battled a range of serious health issues over the years and because of her prior heart condition, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, which causes her to experience rapid, irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath that can leave her feeling dizzy or faint, also causes her to have stroke when she was just 18 years old. She was diagnosed with the illness when she was 11.

However, for those who are worried that Jessie J might not appear in “The Voice Australia,” the blind auditions were already filmed months ago just before her hospitalization.

Though still recovering after an operation, Jessie has the guts to pulled out some jokes saying that her latest hospital visit could inspire her choice of outfit for the live shows.

The pop-star has a number of shows and gigs this coming July, including Wireless Festival, The Henley Festival and performances in Belgium and Denmark.

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Photo Source: Jessie J Official Facebook Page

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