Jewel Gets Candid, Says How She Was Sexually Harassed Since the Age of 8

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Jewel Gets Candid, Says How She Was Sexually Harassed Since the Age of 8

Jewel bared her soul when she shared her unpleasant childhood experiences very recently.

In a rare candid interview, Jewel discussed how she was sexually harassed by several men when she was a young child.

She said how men hit on her since she was a little girl. When she was barely 8, there were men who put dimes in her hands and made indecent proposals, she shared with the Hollywood Reporter.

Jewel, 41 has been a Grammy nominee and a multiplatinum artist. She has released her album “Picking up the Pieces” on Friday, her 12th–two decades after her album “Who Will Save Your Soul” became a top hit. This hit song was from “Pieces of You”, her debut album.

She remarked that the music industry has always been a male-dominated business. She also pointed out that she never slept to reach the top and did not compromise on anything. She also thought that her spirit was just right to ward off unwanted attention from people around her.

Jewel was homeless at one point in her life and even had to live out of her car. She said that the unwanted sexual advances often prepared her for the harassment she later had to go through when she signed a contract with Atlantic Records at the age of 18.

She recollected her early days when she sang in the coffee shop circuits and San Diego bar and said that it was a fragile time of her life.

Jewel also admitted that it prepared her very well for her future years in the music business as she learnt to keep her energy to herself and there was nothing about her that seemed approachable. When men approached her, she was quite good in handling such situations in a way that did not make them angry with her.

In 2014, Jewel and her husband Murray got divorced. They have a son aged 4, name Kase.

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