JFK Secret Love-letters To Swedish Lover Sold At An Auction; ‘You Are Wonderful And I Miss You’

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
JFK Secret Love-letters To Swedish Lover Sold At An Auction; ‘You Are Wonderful And I Miss You’
John F Kennedy

Another love affair of JFK comes into the limelight. Just a few weeks before the late U.S. president wed Jackie Kennedy in September 1993 in an elaborate Rhode Island Ceremony, he had initiated one more love affair with Gunilla von Post. Von Post was a gorgeous Swedish socialite during that era.

Von Post had written a book titled “Love, Jack” in 1997 where she has written that John F. Kennedy, who was completely lovesick had followed her for several years with letters and phone calls.

Many of those letters got sold on Monday at an auction for a whopping $15,000 that was purchased by the Upper East Side auction house, New York.

In 2010, another set of letters from Kennedy to von Post was sold for a cost of $115,000 at an auction.

The present set of letters that got auctioned was found among the personal belongings of von Post after she passed away in 2011. The dates of these letters were from June 1954 to August 1956.

Most of these letters were written on the stationary of official Senate. Each of these letters is truly unique, as it provides the readers a glimpse into a long-distance and passionate love affair between the gorgeous 21-year-old and the then-senator. Kennedy met her at Cannes in France, in the summer of 1953.

In one of the earliest dated letters in the set, that was penned down by Kennedy, barely a year after their encounter by chance, the then-senator had tried to persuade her for meeting him in Stockholm.

JFK wrote to von Post asking her whether there was any chance of him meeting her, so that he could say hello to her. However, his travel plans had to be cancelled in 1954, as he had to undergo a surgery after going through a near fatal back injury.

In the following year, Kennedy tried again to make arrangement for a rendezvous with von Post, as was evident from his letter.

In another love note, the love-sick senator wrote to von Post that she appeared happy and well. This was perhaps in response to a photo she sent him after several requests were made by Kennedy, as stated by the auction house.

According to the memoir that was penned down by von Post, the duo eventually met in August 1955. They consummated their love while spending a week together all over the nation.

It is said that Kennedy had made attempts to separate from his wife Jackie and get von Post to the United States.

Unfortunately, there were too many barriers in their way; JFK’s father, his political ambitions and the feeling of “mutual sensitivity” that the love-birds felt towards the miscarriage that Jackie went through in 1955, followed by her pregnancy in the year 1956.

Picture Source: Facebook/John F Kennedy

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