Jim Carey To Replace Christoph Waltz in ‘True Crimes’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Jim Carey To Replace Christoph Waltz in ‘True Crimes’

Jim Carey is going to star in a serious drama soon. The actor hasn’t done anything this serious since the movie “Number 23.” The new movie, “True Crimes,” will be based on actual events and will show Carey in a more sombre mood.

“True Crimes” is a movie that is based on David Grann’s article in the New Yorker that pieced together little bits of evidence surrounding advertising manager, Dariusz Janiszewski’s mysterious death. Janiszewki’s body was washed up on the shores of Poland’s Oder river in December 2000 and the police were baffled with the case until somebody pointed out a striking resemblance between the case and a novel that came out just after the advertising manager’s death.

The sado sexual novel, Amok, seemed to recount the gruesome murder in intricate detail, and the police are intrigued by the striking resemblance. The writer, Krystian Bala, is eventually added to the list of suspects in the case.

Carey will likely play Wroblewski, a man who chooses to dig deeper into Poland’s dirty underbelly of drug dealers and prostitution rackets. The role was previously assumed to have gone to Christoph Waltz, but it was recently revealed that Carey will be working on the script.

Given that Christoph Waltz often picks up roles that have a touch of shade to them, we wonder if this role will also have a dark side to it. If that is true, will Carey, who is always adorable and funny, be able to convincingly portray it? Of course, he has done it before in the “Number 23,” but he was portrayed as a slightly deranged lunatic who wasn’t completely in control of his mind.

Nevertheless, the movie should be interesting to watch. Jim Carey is going to work alongside Agata Kulesza, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kati Outinen, Zbigniew Zamachowski and Marton Czokas.

Empire Online reported the news first.

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