Jim Carrey Condemns Release Of Cathriona White’s Suicide Note

By Ancy John | 2 years ago
Jim Carrey Condemns Release Of Cathriona White’s Suicide Note
Jim Carrey and Cathriona White tragic relationship

Jim Carrey has slammed the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office for releasing the personal details of Cathriona White.  After the autopsy report of Cathriona released claiming it as suicide, the office revealed details about the letter she had addressed to Carrey.

Jim Carrey said that the release of Cathriona’s death details is an invasion of privacy. In Hollywood details of private life are provided to the media “like free dinner vouchers.” He has been a victim of it but had never thought that the person whom he loves the most will also “be on the menu.” “What a shame,” Carrey added.

Cathriona White had taken her own life shortly after separating from Carrey. Her body was found at her home in Los Angeles in September. The reason for her death has been an overdose of cocktail of prescription drugs.

Carrey and Cathriona had broken up a week before she took her life. It was reported that she left two notes for Carrey before her death. White, 30, an Irish make-up artist, wrote some rather heartbreaking notes with the mention of Jim Carrey. She writes, “’I am sorry you (Carrey) felt I wasn’t there for you. I tried to give you my best part.”

The Telegraph reported that her letter was sealed in an envelope with “Dewdrop” signed off on it. She also expressed her pain in not being able to be with Carrey after separating. White mentioned that she was in disbelief not finding Carrey around for 3 days after they decided to separate. She said that she was ready to give up and not fight the feeling anymore. She even apologized to Jim Carrey in the note saying that she felt bad that he felt she wasn’t there for him but she confessed that she gave her best to him.

A second note was also addressed to “Jim” and in this note she wanted “his people” to sell her belongings and give the proceeds to her kith and kin. She even entrusted her burial proceedings to Jim and in a heart wrenching way wrote that he is family so he can choose for her. She ended the note by asking Jim to forgive her and by stating that she is not meant for this world.

On Sept. 25, 2015, she gave a slight indication about the tragic path she would be choosing by signing off Twitter.

She was found dead in her apartment on Sept. 28 by two of her friends and Carrey’s personal assistant Nicole Montez. Carrey had texted White a day before her death asking her about the painkillers that had gone missing. The last call made on White’s phone was three-minute FaceTime call with Carrey merely four days before her death.

Jim Carrey gave Cathriona White’s funeral last October in Ireland and soon after that shared a heartbreaking message on Twitter saying “Love cannot be lost”.

One can only hope that Jim Carrey will be able to steer through the pain, especially as the suicide comes back to light with White’s notes published in media which has added to his pain. May you find strength and peace, Jim!

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