Jim Carrey Suicide: The Bad Batch Actor Suicide Because of Lawsuit Pointing to Him as Killer of Cathriona White?

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Jim Carrey Suicide: The Bad Batch Actor Suicide Because of Lawsuit Pointing to Him as Killer of Cathriona White?
Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey contemplated suicide. This rumor was the outcome of the lawsuit filed against him by his ex-girlfriend’s mother and husband. The two complainants claimed that he used his influence to buy prescription drugs that caused the death of Cathriona White.

Brigid Sweetman, White’s step-mother and her husband Mark Burton sued the Dumb and Dumber comedian for allegedly causing the death of their loved one. Brigid Sweetman alleged in her affidavit that White had a sexually-transmitted disease in 2013, which she acquired from the actor.

The lawsuit did not only put Carrey in a bad light but also the deceased because some confidential information about her has been exposed to the public.

Cathriona White who met Carrey in 2012 became his girlfriend but separated by the end of the same year. She married Mark Burton in 2013. After their split, she reconciled with Carrey again. They were in an on-and-off relationship for two years until her death. The make-up artist died in September 2015 of a drug overdose.

Cathriona White Indirectly Announced Her Death

She left a suicide note asking forgiveness from Jim Carrey and apologizing for her decision. She even mentioned about her funeral in the death note. An Instagram post showed her farewell message.

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The court case is taking its toll on him that he was on the verge of killing himself as per Morning News USA. The National Enquirer magazine reported that “Jim has already been on the brink of despair over Cat’s death, and this suit could push him over it.” His family became worried that the case can lead him to commit suicide.

A Gossip Cop article declared that Jim Carrey did not cause the death of Cathriona White and he is not thinking of killing himself too.

Jim Carrey Claims Extortion?

Jim Carrey in his counter affidavit claimed that the two complainants were only out for the money. He alleged that “Sweetman had no relationship with White, nor did she love her.” He also added, “She loves only money.” He also said that the allegations of the duo were made because they are “driven by greed.”

Hopefully, Jim Carrey will find favor from the judge and be declared innocent of the death of Cathriona White. The actor is doing well at present and his acting career is still also doing great.

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