Jim Parsons Addresses The Big Bang Theory Crazy Fan Theories

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Jim Parsons Addresses The Big Bang Theory Crazy Fan Theories
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Jim Parsons is the soul of The Big Bang Theory. His portrayal and quips as Sheldon are just some of things that fans love the most. Currently in its tenth season, the show has had quite a few crazy theories attached to it.

While they went unanswered till now, Jim Parsons took it upon himself to answer some crazy theories. The ones that he has answered are indeed quite crazy. These questions have gone the length in speculating happenings on the show.

Jim Parsons Addresses The Big Bang Theory Fan Theories

From theories about a Cyborg to alternate universes, fans have come up with these speculations diligently. Parsons has taken time out to address them with rather much patience. Here are some fan theories that he addressed and proved just why he is so incredible.

Sheldon-Spock Connection

One theory suggests that Sheldon is actually Spock in disguise. To support this claim, fans pointed out several similar traits. It says that he has the ability to hear Spock’s voice and viewers knew him for his emotionless persona. With a slight smile, Parsons jokingly mentions that he cannot play that as an actor. After a little more explanation, he quickly denies it.

Is Bernadette A Cyborg?

Speculating that Bernadette is actually a cyborg is quite clever. Netizens shared that normal women do not like Howard. Aside from this, she is very much like his mother.

One theory suggests that Howard has created Bernadette. This would be an amazing revelation if it were true. But if Jim Parsons is to be believed, then in a literal way the character is not a cyborg.

Is Sheldon Actually Barney Stinson In Another Universe?

ET Canada reported the craziest theory out there. This one states that Sheldon is actually the conniving womanizer Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother. But, he is in another universe.

Jim Parsons too speculated that Sheldon might some secrets behind his facade. There is a chance that his character is a raging horndog. But before talking about it, he reveals that he auditioned for the part of Barney only to run away later.

He mentions that the part, later on, went to the right person — Neil Patrick Harris. He also rejects this theory. Parsons, on the other hand, confessed that he is fascinated with this theory.

The Big Bang Theory is currently one of the top-rated shows on TV. It is in its tenth season and talks of an eleventh season are also going on. Other than that, Jim Parsons’ character Sheldon is also getting his own spin-off. The project is now looking for young actors who will undergo the audition. The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS.

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