Jimmy Fallon Stumbled Again At A Party; What’s The Mystery Behind His Falling Time And Again?

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Jimmy Fallon Stumbled Again At A Party; What’s The Mystery Behind His Falling Time And Again?
Jimmy Fallon

The American comedian, Jimmy Fallon has got his hand hurt again. Four months back, the “Tonight Show” host had undergone an emergency surgery to fix one of his fingers when he had fallen and hurt his finger. On Saturday, he had gone to attend a party in his honor where he got his hand hurt again.

Fallon, 41 has also posted a picture of his hand on Instagram too. His fingers are covered with bandages in the picture. He also wrote, “Nothing a few band aids couldn’t fix.”

Nothing that a few band aids couldn't fix.

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According to Yahoo!, Fallon had to get his foot’s vein taken out in summer, so that his left hand’s injured finger could be treated. On Saturday, Fallon had stumbled on a rug and as he tried to hold himself from falling his wedding ring struck and finger got hurt.

The actor, producer, writer, and singer has been honored with a humor award by Harvard Lampoon in Boston. At the event, the actor came clad in a black tuxedo. He was looking every bit suave. It was a proud moment for him as the Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor was given for first time in the century and he was the one to receive it.


According to People Magazine; when he fell, he had a bottle of Jaegermeister in his hand. He was immediately taken to Massachusetts General Hospital after he hurt himself.

A source has also disclosed to People Magazine, “It was all part of the celebration in the street and some random girl kneeled down in front of him (Jimmy Fallon) abruptly as he was turning around and he tripped over her because he didn’t see her.”

After Fallon fell, people around him started enquiring if he was alright. To one of the parade-goers, he replied, “he was fine.” One of the fans present at the event captured the whole episode of his stumbling and eventually getting hurt and uploaded it on Instagram too.

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