Jimmy Fallon’s Divorce from His Wife Nancy Juvonen Connected to Nicole Kidman’s Marriage Issues?

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
Jimmy Fallon’s Divorce from His Wife Nancy Juvonen Connected to Nicole Kidman’s Marriage Issues?
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Is ‘The Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon headed for a divorce from his wife, Nancy Juvonen, after allegedly spending the night out with two young women?

“The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon is one of the industry’s best and is at the peak of his career. While the 40-year-old talk show host can easily put a smile on anyone’s face, it seems like Fallon is currently facing marriage issues with his wife Nancy Juvonen. Is Fallon’s alleged divorce related to Nicole Kidman’s marriage issues? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Jimmy Fallon recently made headlines after “The Tonight Show” host was rushed to the hospital and stayed at the intensive care unit (ICU) for ten days following an accident at home. While Fallon revealed that his finger injury was due to a fall in their kitchen, several reports claimed that there’s more to his injury than meets the eye.

As previously reported, Fallon’s injury was caused by an alleged affair with two young women. The NBC talk show host allegedly got injury as a result of him being “two sheets to the wind after night on the town with young women.” While this alleged affair has already been dismissed by Fallon’s rep, who said that Fallon and Juvonen are “happily married,” a new report claims that Fallon’s divorce may have something to do with Nicole Kidman’s marriage issues.

KdramaStars noted that Fallon’s alleged divorce has coincided with Kidman’s rumored issues with her husband, Keith Urban. The outlet cited that a previous report claims that Kidman has been suspecting Urban of cheating.

Fallon and Kidman previously made headlines when the former found out that he had a chance to date the 48-year-old actress during their younger days. While some may say that Fallon missed out on a big one with Kidman, the outlet cited that Fallon later on admitted that things turned out the way he wanted to.

“It all worked out. She’s obviously happy with Keith Urban and I lucked out I have the best wife in the whole world,” Fallon was quoted saying in an earlier interview.

Based on Fallon’s interview, though, the talk show host appears to be smitten with his wife and does not have an ounce of regret over his missed chance to date Kidman.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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