Jimmy Kimmel Wipes His Snot on His Baby’s Burp Cloth [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Jimmy Kimmel Wipes His Snot on His Baby’s Burp Cloth [WATCH VIDEO]

Fathers are known to be cool in raising their babies. They are not usually meticulous and frantic compared to mothers. Jimmy Kimmel is a perfect example of that father image. Yes, he undoubtedly loves his six-month-old daughter Jane. However, that cannot hinder him from using her cloth to wipe his snot. Read on for further details.

According to TMZ, Kimmel was with his wife Molly McNearney and daughter to have breakfast at Republique, Los Angeles. The late-night show host was spotted by cameras while he blew his nose on Jane’s burp cloth.

TMZ wrote that “every parent can relate” to Kimmel’s casual act. It claimed that Kimmel is “a brave man” for using a baby’s cloth.

“Every parents also knows what’s been in those rags,” TMZ stated.

The 46-year-old host had a two-week off from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for his daughter’s birth. When he returned, he proudly shared pictures of his smiling baby. McNearney gave birth on July 10, 2014. Jane weighed six pounds and was 20 inches long.

Kimmel shared the news during his monologue. He casually declared that he “got a lot done” during his vacation. He painted a mirror in his house, grew a beard and “Oh, and I had a baby also!” He joked that he and his wife made their baby “out of sex.” He announced that he was “so brave” because he only “cried a little” and did not scream.

Jane had her name from Kimmel’s grandmother. Kimmel joked at first that her daughter’s name is Grandma Kimmel. As expected, the funnyman did not describe his baby’s photos in an emotional way. While photos flashed on the screen, he commented that his daughter looked like “drunk as a skunk” with a big bow, her head is “the size of a plum” and she came out “wearing clown makeup.”

Jane is the youngest of three children. The eldest is Kimmel’s 22-year-old daughter while his son is already 20 years old.

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To know the rest of Kimmel’s hilarious monologue about his baby, watch the video below:


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Ken Conley



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