Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets: CFP Edition [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets: CFP Edition [WATCH VIDEO]
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In a special CFP Edition, Jimmy Kimmel has recorded the sports people’s reactions while reading mean tweets about them. According to Kimmel, other than the movie and television stars, it’s the sports personalities who are targeted by the mean tweets.

If you have ever watched the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, you must be familiar with the celebrities reading mean tweets about them and watch their reactions. In addition, it is recorded live.

In the video below, you will watch the college football broadcasters as well as coaches, opening themselves to the mean tweets special championship edition. When you look at their reactions after reading the mean tweets, their reactions were hilarious; some are speechless, blank, and angry. Meanwhile, some managed to laugh it out.

The first mean tweet is about Desmond Howards’ mustache. He doesn’t know how to react to it, so he just smiles. Second is about Rece Davis, where he is called a tool; he is speechless. Third is about Mark May where the tweet talks about sending a poop in his mail, at which May asks to join the club.

The fourth is about Lou Holtz. The tweet calls him a puppet and compares with Daffy Duck, at which he agrees. Fifth is about Mark Helfrich. Hi is referred to as a ninja turtle; Mark remains quite. Sixth is about Heather Cox, where the tweet calls her a porn star, at which she says it’s not original and she has heard that a lot and laughs at it. Seventh one is about Fred Flinstone ,where the tweet calls him a bad coach, at which he responds, “Really?”

Want to find out how the others reacted? Watch the video below.

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