JLaw gets angry after being told Homeland Spoiler from journalist

By admin | 4 years ago

There’s a lot of excitement in Hollywood these days with numerous award shows going about and everybody seems to be having fun.

Jennifer Lawrence

However there was an awkward moment during the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards when JLaw was chatting with a journalist. Apparently, Jennifer is a huge Homeland fan and told the journalist that she’s watched seasons one and two twice!

Before we head on further I’d just like to say that JLaw looked absolutely stunning in her sparkly, shiny black dress, as did Damien in his suit.

Things were going smooth and both JLaw and the journalist seemed to be having a fun conversation and JLaw was also introduced to Damien Lewis who plays Brody in the Homeland series.

I didn’t think that celebrities would get all excited when they met other celebrities but JLaw has given me the answer and the answer is, YES. She went beserk, clinging to the wall behind her to hide her beautiful face which seemed to be blushing. She added after seeing and hugging Damien, ‘My ears are all red’ and then she covered them with her hands.

However, things took a sharp turn from happy and excited to awkward and angry when the journalist accidentally slipped a spoiler to Jennifer about the season finale of the series of its latest season.

Hearing this, it all went quiet for a second when JLaw realized what she had been told. She was angry and upset and said that she couldn’t believe that the journalist would tell her the spoiler. She told her ‘I told you I’ve only watched season one and two’.

However, JLaw was able to maintain herself in front of the camera as the Journalist and Damien tried to calm her down. Luckily they all wound up laughing about it and no harm was done in the end, well — almost no harm.

And I won’t be mentioning the spoiler over here for you guys who haven’t yet watched the finale cuz I too was caught up in the cross fire over the journalists slippy tongue.

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