JLaw inspires new Meme with her Golden dress!

By admin | 4 years ago

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Hollywood’s hottest did put up their own unique and beautiful fashion statements at the Golden Globes and were definitely appreciated be fans all round. However, there was one needle in the hay stack that stood out from the rest of the crowd at the award show and that was Jennifer Lawrence! And no, she didn’t stand out in a good way.

She had on this sheet-meets-strait-jacket abomination on her, which, if you know your Disney cartoon’s right, might have been stolen from Aerial the mermaid princess!

By simply looking at what JLaw had on, it seems like she simply tied some rope to a sheet of cloth as she wrapped it around her body.

This get up of Jennifer has sparked up the internet community yet again (as Jennifer has previously done as well) and inspired a new meme! Apparently they are calling the ‘Lawrencing’.

With her playful sense of humour and second to none ability to make fun of herself, J-Law is sure to appreciate the trend, but let’s just hope she realises that only a ridiculous get-up could inspire such humour.

Because let’s face it, though they may rhyme, J-Law and Dior are a match made far from fashion heaven.

Source: SMH

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