Joaquin Phoenix’s Doubts for Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Deal

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Joaquin Phoenix’s Doubts for Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Deal

With Marvel making fervent announcements of the release dates for their upcoming movies, the lead casting for the new franchise “Doctor Strange” appears to be facing a hurdle as speculations suggest that their main choice for the role, Joaquin Phoenix, is too cynical to sign for the multi-movie contract.

I remember having to argue with one of my friends whether “Doctor Strange” was a hero or not. Of course, he’s definitely the former; and at this moment, Marvel Studios is working on finalizing everything to take the film’s status on the next level. A lot of names were thrown onto the plate to play the heroic role which included the star of “Boardwalk Empire” Jack Huston, “Sherlock’s” Benedict Cumberbatch, “Mad Max: Fury Road’s” Tom Hardy and “Her’s” Joaquin Phoenix. Out of those four prominent names, it was the last one whom Marvel Studios is actually tapping.

Based on the speculations featured on Screen Rant, Joaquin Phoenix is the one who is in the final negotiations for role. Initially, Marvel wanted to strike the deal with him in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, but we never really heard such announcement on the said event, which brings us to the point that they truly have not locked the deal with him just yet.

With that belief circulating the movie industry, could it be possible that the three-time Academy Award nominee is feeling hesitant fto accept such role? It would appear to be so. Based on the report by Badass Digest, it’s the multi-movie contract that’s causing him to be cynical for the heavy ridden offer.

“The problems that have kept the deal from closing remain, and they go beyond the basic fact that Phoenix is balking at the heavy multi-picture contract. Joaquin Phoenix literally doesn’t know if he can work on this kind of movie. He’s a great actor, and he can play the role. But the Marvel Studios blockbuster machine is full of pre-viz and fight-viz and green screen and massive reshoots. It’s not a world that’s as comfortable for him, and he’s just not certain he can do it,” speculated Devin Faraci of Badass Digest.

Putting things into perspective, Joaquin Phoenix is the type of actor whom you don’t encounter much in the mainstream mediums. He is usually cast on films that bear deeper meanings — movies that really makes you think. If science fiction is concerned, this is a whole new aspect of it, considering that “Signs” and “Her” do not trudge in the same magnanimous visual effects driven stint. (via We Got This Covered)

In retrospect, “Doctor Strange” is all set and ready for filming with appointed director Scott Derrickson, screenwriter Jon Spaihts and a 2016 release date. All that’s missing is the actor who will bring their creative inputs to life. Question now is: Will the studio stick to pursuing Phoenix or will they move on to the other contenders? What do you think?

That ends our feature in Joaquin Phoenix’s speculated reluctance to lock the “Doctor Strange” deal with Marvel. Continue to visit Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates in the entertainment industry.

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