Jodie Foster’s Movie Sold to TriStar for $30M

By Rowell De Guia | 3 years ago
Jodie Foster’s Movie Sold to TriStar for $30M
George Clooney

The Jodie Foster-directed movie, “Money Monster,” found its firm ground on TriStar Pictures after the distributor acquired the film for $30 million according to the Deadline’s report. Read on to learn more about Jodie Foster’s latest film starring George Clooney.

“Money Monster” is the latest high-profile film that is currently in production. TriStar’s lineup of films include “The Walk,” a 3D film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and directed by Robert Zemerickis; “What Alice Forgot,” to be directed by David Frankel of “The Devil Wears Prada”; “Ricki and the Flash,” which stars Meryl Streep and is directed by Jonathan Demme; an adaptation of “The Lady in the Van” by Alan Bennett; and an untitled comedy by Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig of the “Bridesmaids.”

On the one hand, “Money Monster” can be considered as one of the movies with instant star status. On the other, Deadline observes that the budget does not appear to be that high given the expectedly high quality performance of “Money Monster” contributed by the combination of Clooney and Foster.

“Money Monster” is written by Jamie Linden. It is independently packaged and is being produced by Daniel Dubiecki, Lara Alameddine of The Allegiance Theater, and Grant Heslov and Clooney of Smokehouse.

The film is said to be timely because of the widespread economic problems affecting the nation. Apparently, the film revolves around a TV personality dubbed as the Wall Street’s money guru. The story becomes more exciting when the TV host and his entire show are held hostage on live TV by a man who loses all his family’s money on a bad tip. The hostage taker threatens the TV host to keep him alive on the condition that the money guru will keep the stock market low until it closes. As a result, the rating of the show soars as everyone in the country follows the hostage drama.

“Money Monster” will begin its production in the spring after its lead actor finishes another recent project, “Hail Caesar,” directed by Coen brothers.

That’s it about “Money Monster.” For more updates about the latest movies, check out Movie News Guide (MNG).

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