Joe Jonas Claiming Gigi Hadid As ‘His Girl’ And Showed Support For Her Spotlight In Milan Fashion Week

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Joe Jonas Claiming Gigi Hadid As ‘His Girl’ And Showed Support For Her Spotlight In Milan Fashion Week

Girls who are fantasizing about Joe Jonas will have their bubbles burst again as he exclaimed to the whole world of his admiration and love for Gigi Hadid. Read on.

The two have been spotted to be dating exclusively for some months now. They are seen oftentimes together especially this past summer. About their latest public appearance? It’s in the Milan Fashion Week, according to DailyMail.

The lovely model ignited the runway while her lover was at the front row of the spectator’s seats.Hadid was one of the models for the Versace Summer and Spring ’16 show for the said fashion week. It happened last Friday, Sept. 25, 2015.

Hadid was impressive on the runway as she did her catwalk with utmost confidence. That combination of mini dress with black dominance and orange-strapped heels perfectly highlighted the feisty side of the blond beauty.  Other designer clothes in this Spring collection featured the safari-like theme. Fashion guru Donatella presented pieces with animal prints, chic khaki, and snakeskin.

Teen Vogue reported how proud Jonas is upon seeing his love interest heating up the runway. He didn’t miss the opportunity to show the whole world how he was swept away by his model-lover. In his Instagram account, he posted the glamorous shot of Hadid in the Versace show. Included in the photo is a caption stating “My Girl Just Killed It.”  Oh boy, that’s a certified #RelationshipGoals given that guys are often less expressive with their emotions.


In another article from Daily Mail, the gorgeous pair bid farewell to Milan last Sept.26,  2015. Apparently, they look physically exhausted from the after-party event of the Milan Fashion Week. The 20-year-old model was seen by the paparazzi in her natural and simplest look: no make-up at all. They both arrived at the airport together.

It seems like the relationship of Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid is becoming stronger. We hope all the best for them!

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Photo Source: Joe Jonas/Instagram

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