Joey Fatone: N’Sync Co-Member Justin Timberlake’s Wife Is Definitely Pregnant

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Joey Fatone: N’Sync Co-Member Justin Timberlake’s Wife Is Definitely Pregnant
Joey Fatone at the 81st Academy Awards

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been keeping mum about the pregnancy rumors popping out lately. But unable to shut his mouth any longer, Timberlake’s friend and ex-bandmate Joey Fatone spilled the beans.

According to an exclusive report in InTouch magazine, Fatone took it upon himself to reveal that Timberlake and his wife are expecting their first child. In fact, the couple’s families and friends have known of Biel’s pregnancy for months now.

Though it’s been years since N’Sync split up, the bandmates are still good friends and still keep in touch. And Fatone only has good things to say about his friend and his impending fatherhood. “Jessica is awesome, and Justin is a kid at heart. [They’ll have] fun,” says Fatone.

Last week, on Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, Fatone also told People of Biel’s pregnancy, even saying that Timberlake will probably be a hands-on father.

“I think he's going to be a great dad. He's always been great with kids in general…I think he'll be very hands-on,” remarks Fatone on People.

He also added that he thinks that Timberlake will start taking things slow after he finishes his 20/20 Experience world tour on Jan. 2, 2015.

With his reveal, Fatone has now counted himself among the couple’s friends who confirmed the bun in the oven. Last October, InStyle editor Ariel Foxman posted a congratulatory note for Biel in Instagram that reads: “Congrats @jessicabiel on your impending motherhood … Looking forward to the red carpet maternity style pix to come #tbt.” Unfortunately, he deleted the post a while later.

Later that same month, a friend of Biel confirmed in RadarOnline her friend’s pregnancy, further saying that the baby will be due on April. Another source also revealed why Biel has chosen not to publicly confirm her pregnancy yet.

“Jessica has had tense times in the past when it comes to having a baby, so it is not surprising that she is staying mum on confirming the news publicly yet,” the insider revealed.

Are you excited for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s little angel? Post your comments below.

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