WWE John Cena To Star In His Own Superhero Film?

By Edson Kyle Encina | 2 years ago
WWE John Cena To Star In His Own Superhero Film?
John Cena

With such a muscular physique, the next John Cena film might as well be a superHero Movie! Renowned comic book writer Mark Millar certainly thinks that John Cena fits the role perfectly.

Millar loves the idea of  having a superhero movie for John Cena. The comic book writer has an upcoming film based on his comic book Superior. He also thinks John Cena would be the right guy to play the lead role.

Millar explained on Comic Book that the story of Superior is supposed to be a “fun” one. And after watching the WWE star’s performance on TrainWreck, he thought that the actor is capable of pulling off the comedy segments of his upcoming movie.

He further complimented the pro-wrestler-turned-actor by saying that his “comic-timing” is impeccable.  Millar even went as far as saying that Cena “stole the movie.” That is a big compliment given the fact that John Cena was up against four top comedians in the movie.

Millar is currently contacting Cena and is even putting him on top of his personal list.  Mark’s film Superior is being picked up by 20th Century Fox.

The story of his film Superior starts with a young boy suffering from multiple sclerosis. And that boy’s wish was eventually granted and he then turned into a superhero! The boy then uses his powers to help the world. So it will focus not only on fun and comedy but also on the heart of the character.

There is a lot of emphasis on the act of selflessness in the story, a key element in the film. That is something that Millar saw in John Cena’s charity efforts.  And one of the main reasons he wants him for the leading role. He loves the fact that Cena has done more “Make A Wish” hospital visits than any other actor, celebrity or athlete in America. And who knows, the new John Cena movie might just be a heroic one.

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