John Travolta Sexually Harassed a Masseur

By admin | 7 years ago

John Travolta has been in the spotlight these past days. Someone claimed that the Hollywood superstar sexually harassed him. A gay masseur filed a lawsuit that accused the actor of condemnatory behavior. According to the lawsuit, Travolta booked for a massage, exposed himself to the masseur, attempted to elicit sex, touched the masseur’s penis, masturbated, and even claimed to have been trading sexual favors since the early part of his career when he starred in Welcome Back Kotter. Travolta then paid the masseur $800 for his service. According to the masseur, the actor also claimed that Hollywood is ran by homosexual Jews. John Travolta

Travolta said that he will file a countersuit after he learned about the lawsuit filed by the masseur. He denied everything about the incident and promised that he can prove that he was on the other side of the United States when the supposed sexual harassment took place.

People have been talking about the supposed sexually harassment incident involving John Travolta. Some don’t believe that the actor could do something like what the masseur claimed he did. They didn’t expect a lawsuit like this to be filed against Travolta.

John Travolta has been married for more than twenty years and has multiple children but despite that, his sexuality has been questioned a lot in the past. There were no evidence presented that would substantiate the claims but rumors were always there.

Now with this lawsuit, the public has been wondering if it was just an attempt to cash in on those rumors or whether the events did happened. The masseur wished to remain anonymous for now, which led to some to the conclusion that he’s just after a quick buck out of the lawsuit. People are already questioning the true character of the Pulp Fiction star. Is he the loving family man or a closet homosexual?

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