The ‘John Wick 2’ Plot Thickens With A New Distribution Deal

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
The ‘John Wick 2’ Plot Thickens With A New Distribution Deal
The development of the sequel for John Wick movie has been confirmed by director Chad and David. The distributor for the movie has also been changed. Resting all the speculation attached to the movie, it will now be distributed by Swiss distributor Ascot Elite.

“John Wick 2” is moving closer towards reality. The development of the movie was confirmed by directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski to The distribution rights of the movie have now been changed to the much anticipated Swiss distributor Ascot Elite. It is expected that John Wick is all set to become an action franchise with multiple title. According to reports given by ScreenDaily, rights of John Wich will be acquired by Swiss distributor Ascot Elite, as it was massively anticipated for a long time. It is hard to believe and it is very much happening.

According to, in case there was any suspicion that this amazing movie “John Wick 2” will fall apart, then it should all be put to rest. You will not be able to acquire the distribution rights of a movie which you will not be able to distribute. Since the deal is on its way, it is time now to start speculating.

Stahelski and Leitch should take a look at their own wonderful creations “The Continental Hotel” to have some inspiration, as they want to flesh out some bigger world around Keanu Reeves. John Wick gets into a little fight in “the Continental” with a rogue killer and this movie is a safe hangout / heaven for the assassin.

As stated in our previous read, people everywhere are complaining that Hollywood has turned into sequel making machine. The low budget, R-rated action movie, John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves made little noise in 2014. This movie is neither a cheap direct to DVD knock off, nor is it a pre-ordained, big budget instalment. The directors and stars are getting together again to tell another story.

John Wick was surprisingly well received for an action movie in the Liam Neeson in the mode of a revenge thriller. At the box office, the movie did a decent business, but is falling short of being spectacular. Even with the comparatively low budget, there is nothing that indicates the need to make a sequel.

When we take a look at the story of the movie, which depicts a retired hitman who killed many in order to take revenge after his dog is being killed. The movie, however, topped the charts when it came out.

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