Why Did Johnny Depp Not Arrive For the Shoot of the Fifth installment of the Caribbean Series?

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Why Did Johnny Depp Not Arrive For the Shoot of the Fifth installment of the Caribbean Series?

Apparently, Johnny Depp has failed to board his scheduled private charted flight from Los Angeles. He was supposed to reach on the sets for the fifth installment of one of the most famous franchise of Hollywood – “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The fifth installment, titled “Dead Men Tell No Tales” has a lump sum budget of $250 million and is all set to shoot in the southern parts of Australia and has received tax incentive of $20 million for the film’s production from the Australian government.

The actor, Johnny Depp was due to fly back to the capital of Queensland last Monday so that he could return to work for the fifth installment when the production house gives the green signal to the principal photography.

The crew, which has Oscar winning members like Javier Bardem and Geoffrey Rush and the newcomers, Brenton and Kaya are already at the destination for the shoot along with the production crew. But the shoot is on halt as the lead star of the movie, Johnny Depp is missing from the sets.

According to CourierMail, Depp, who had been at the waterfront property ever since he arrived in Australia in February, had injured his hand and was back to US for the surgery. Depp was expected to return to the sets in late March.

However, a senior production source said that Depp was still in the US. “Everyone’s hoping they have managed to get him on another flight,” the source said.

Depp, who married American actress Heard in a closed ceremony at their home in Los Angeles on February 3, has not made any public appearances ever since his return to New York. Heard, who turned 29 this Wednesday, got photographed at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York but her husband, the star of Fear and Loathing was missing from her big day.

While the crew of more than 200 members are still waiting for him on the grounds of Australia and the black ship is waiting for his captain to come and lift the anchor, we can only hope that Johnny Depp will come to the sets soon and stay in good health after his surgery.

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