Johnny Depp Stars in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

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Johnny Depp is a rare commodity in Hollywood. He is not just an actor but he can instigate projects on his own. He started out as a teen heartthrob on the TV series 21 Jump Street and he confessed that he didn’t believe his transformation as well. He takes the role of producer in his latest film project, titled Dark Shadows. Johnny Depp

He recently held a news conference for Dark Shadows, which is an adaptation of the 1960-1970s supernatural soap opera. Aside from being the producer, he stars in the movie as a serious vampire Barnabas Collins.

Depp said that Dark Shadows is his idea. He said that he recalled having a conversation with Tim Burton about making a vampire movie together. It should be one where the vampire looks like a vampire. He said that he was fascinated with vampires and monsters, which is something he has in common with Burton.

People thought that Dark Shadows will be a breeze to make for Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, who have been longtime collaborators and veterans in the showbiz industry. But Depp said that it was the juxtaposition of necrosis and sensuality that made the movie worthwhile.

He said that it was a challenge to be Barnabas. Burton had to make the vampire fit into an odd society and a dysfunctional family. But Depp said that the director did it seamlessly. Depp said that Dark Shadows is a rebellion against vampires that look like underwear models.

After Barnabas was freed from his buried coffin in 1972, he repaid the construction workers who dug him up by killing them. Dark Shadows is based on a campy soap opera but the film looks and feels like a Tim Burton movie.

When asked how he can still look like a man in his 20s, the 48 year old actor replied jokingly that he doesn’t have a deal with the devil because he is the devil. He is Satan and he has been sleeping under the reporter’s couch for months.

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