Johnny English 3: Rowan Atkinson To Return For Another Bond Spoof

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Johnny English 3: Rowan Atkinson To Return For Another Bond Spoof
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Rowan Atkinson is one of the most talented comic actors in the world. His role as Mr. Bean has garnered him international success. However, he is all set to reprise one of his other roles in a sequel.

Reports are indicating that Johnny English: Reborn is getting a sequel and Atkinson will be back as the cartoonish MI7 agent Johnny English.

Rowan Atkinson’s return

Screen Rant reported that Atkinson will be back to spoof James Bond once again in Johnny English 3. The veteran comic actor has played the role in two movies before and portrayed a comic version of Britain’s suave spy.


Johnny English is exactly the opposite of James Bond. Considered to be a combination of James Bond and Inspector Clouseau, he mostly relies on plain luck to succeed in a mission or gets a really skilled sidekick, who does most of the work.

According to the outlet, the idea for Atkinson’s character came from a series of advertisements. Following that he was introduced in the movie Johnny English as an aspiring spy who wanted to serve his country.

Previous movies

His previous two movies did not achieve magnanimous success but were able to gross enough for a third movie to be possible.

In the first movie, he was just an agent who idolized a Bond-like agent in MI7. Dreaming of becoming like his idol, he wanted to be one of the most efficient spies in the agency.

Somehow, circumstances changed and he went up against a French smuggler, which he eventually managed to stop, he became a popular spy in MI7.

However, when the second movie released, he was seen living the life of a hermit in Tibet. He came out of retirement when MI7 summoned him for a new mission.

This time he was tasked to stop the assassination of a Chinese premiere. Much like the first movie, he was able to redeem himself after a series of mishaps. Now it remains to be seen what kind of villain he will be fighting in the third one.

Production details

The outlet reported that pre-production for the movie has already begun and that it will start shooting later this year. Atkinson has confirmed his return as well as but the studio declined to share any more information about the movie.


The plot for the movie remains under wraps,  but going by the previous two movies, it can be expected that the third movie will follow the same storyline. A new powerful villain can be expected and fans perhaps might see Atkinson’s character failing again before managing to overcome his limitations.

Much like the first two movies, English will perhaps have a new sidekick who will be doing most of the serious work while the veteran MI7 spy jokes around.

Release date

Johnny English 3 is scheduled to release next year in October.


Photo source: Facebook/Johnny English

Facebook/Johnny English

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