Join Mulder and Scully with ‘The X-Files’ Teaser Trailer On YouTube

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Join Mulder and Scully with ‘The X-Files’ Teaser Trailer On YouTube

You probably have seen Mudler and Scully as they appeared in Fox’s “The X-files” but today the network has released the first footage of it’s “The X-files” Reboot.

A new video titled as 201 Days of “X-files” has been released on YouTube that has given a slight glimpse of Duchonvy and Gillian Anderson returning to their popular roles of Mulder and Scully but with an older, wiser and a little blonder look.

The video promoting a re-airing of its original series before of its January return and ended with a featured shot of the iconic pair.

Mulder said in a voice over which was a cut from an old episode, “I believe that what we’re searching for is in the X-files. Mulder also added:

“I’m more of a certain than ever that the truth is in there.”

However this barely considered as a teaser, but as you might know that “The X-Files” is still under production. And no matter what but this few second video is quite enough to send chill to the millions of fans around the world.

Well, as you might suspect that instead of teasing what’s to come, the trailer is released by Fox to convince you to go back and go through with the entire episodes from the original series.

If you start from today and finish one episode per day then you’ll be caught up just in time for January’s airing the whole new series of its Reboot seasons. There is a long history to remember and if you want to join the agents in the field then this might not be such a bad idea.

“They’re here aren’t they?”

Deep Throat: “Mr. Mulder, ‘they’ve’ been here for a long long time.” Seriously, that is still one of our favorite scenes in the show.

And we are sure that there are more such instances are in the line. Are you excited?

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Image Source: Facebook/ The X-Files

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