Join Wasteland Weekend For Mad Max Themed Festival

By Atanu Shaw | 2 years ago
Join Wasteland Weekend For Mad Max Themed Festival
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Weekends and long holidays are times to relax and enjoy the things you seldom get to do on a regular day. For people who enjoy meeting other people, gathering and festivals are the best options to spend your vacation.

A modern day, open air Viking’s Valhalla amidst fellow revelers clad in armors of metals and leathers is a place to visit. In the middle of a carnival-like atmosphere, you can indulge in total hedonistic carousing with like minded people whose main thought at the moment are chaos, indulgence and debauchery and mean-looking machines.

Wasteland Weekend festival have been flourishing for some time now but the first apocalyptic event held after the release of the blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road had drawn a crowd of more than two thousand frenzied cacotopia-enthusiasts from all over the world. It was a four-day fun-filled festivities and revelries of powerful car and carnage.

The next Wasteland Weekend festival is now on the works and promises to give every carnage-loving reveler a chance to experience an even more insane episode of apocalyptic frenzy.

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