Angelina Jolie’s Makeup Malfunction: Epic Fail! [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
Angelina Jolie’s Makeup Malfunction: Epic Fail! [WATCH VIDEO]
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Did Angelina Jolie  forget to pay her makeup artist? She recently walked the red carpet with partner Brad Pitt. At first glance, it’s the usual lovely Jolie strutting her stuff with her man. But, upon closer look, streaks of white powder on her face and collarbone area can be seen. Did she just got punked or something? Click HERE to see the said picture of Jolie from the SF Gate blog. Read on to learn more about Angelina Jolie’s makeup malfunction, which was an epic fail!

There’s a video of Jolie’s makeup malfunction. Scroll down the last part of the article to view it. In the video of the incident, the driver seemed to notice the powdery face of the “Tomb Raider “star. Question is, why wasn’t she told about it. And, how could Brad not have noticed this while they were inside the car and warned her before they stepped out in front of the cameras? Brad, you should pay more attention to your girl! Meanwhile, Jolie’s makeup artist might get fired for this (hopefully not!).

According to SF Gate, Brad and Angelina, who are sometimes collectively referred to as “Brangelina,” went to the premiere of  HBO’s “The Normal Heart” last May 12, 2014. Pitt co-produced the TV movie, so they graced the red carpet together in New York.

Everything was fine and dandy until goodness gracious! Something caught the attention of the people there and it’s not her awesomeness, but the white dust on her face!  Jolie and Pitt didn’t even seem to notice it.

In addition to that, Us Weekly said this already happened to Jolie twice! Her previous make-up malfunction happened last May 9, 2014 at a photo call in London, but the white powder was only visible on her legs. Click HERE to see the picture from Us Weekly.

Mark celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg explained to Us Weekly what could have caused this makeup disaster in the first place.

“What looks perfect in normal lighting can appear totally different when you have the harsh lights of flashing cameras on you,” . “Many women think you can just touch up with any powder for a red carpet event, but all powders have different finishing textures,” said Greenberg in the Us Weekly report.

But, don’t you worry Angie, you’re not the only victim of this powder malfunction.  They say that a lot of celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Nicole Kidman have also shared the same fate. Click HERE to see photos from Us Weekly of other celebrities with  visible and unflattering white powder on their faces.

Apparently, there’s a good explanation for this from La Prairie’s Global Colour Ambassador and makeup expert Raychel Wade.

Wade told Yahoo that these women are using a special kind of loose powder.  It is like an electric white and because it is so white, it reflects in the photos when using a flash. However, Wade also said that in normal light it appears to look lovely.

Even though Angelina Jolie’s makeup malfunction is an epic fail, she still looks stunning in her black dress. Besides, she is extremely busy promoting her movie “Maleficent.”  According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), “Maleficent” is coming soon to U.S. theatres on May 30, 2014. As for Brad Pitt, he is continuously promoting “The Normal Heart” TV movie which airs on May 25, 2014. It stars Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts and Matt Bomer. For more news about movies, TV shows and your favourite celebrities, visit Movie News Guide (MNG).

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